ESA Waterways

Our course ESA Waterways covers the safety provisions of the hydropower industry and has been developed to fit instructed persons who need to do work in the vicinity of waterways in hydropower stations and water reservoirs, and who need to do work on or in the vicinity of moveable and rotating installation parts. In order to ensure electrical safety at work Sweden has a very clear framework of laws and provisions. The Electrical Safety provisions (”Elsäkerhetsanvisningarna” in Swedish) are supplemental to the law. Waterways is a specific provision by the Swedish hydropower industry focussing on work safety in connection with waterways.

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Teknisk information

Kursnamn : ESA Waterways
Kursmanual : Ja
Typ : Klassrum
Kurslängd: 1 dag
Leverantör : Trainor

The course is part of Energiföretagen Sverige's work for a safer workplace, Wattityd. In addition to the course fee, there is an additional fee of SEK 995 per participant, which also includes documentation and certificate management. The fee is invoiced together with the course fee. If you pay by card, the cost will be invoiced separately on the course day.


To understand the electrical safety provisions regarding Waterways in order that electrical work activities can be executed safely and to understand how the decision tree is organised in Waterways and how the exchange of proofs shall be done to minimise accidents. Also you to understand how the electrical safety provisions meets the provisions and regulations of the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board.


For those who do maintenance work, for those who do work activities in hydropower stations and power distribution installations. For example workers for clean up, instruments, construction who work in control rooms in electrical installations and hydropower plants.

Kursen innehåller

• The content of the more recent provision of Waterways, the electrical safety provisions of the hydropower industry • The provisions and regulations of the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board, especially the responsibilities of employers and proprietors • About new terminology • About work planning, secure communication • About working methods and operating orders


This course is primarily suited for instructed persons.

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